Serving El Paso Since 1952

The very first Rescue Mission of El Paso was organized by Mr. H.M. Walls and located at 602 N Oregon St. in 1952. This location provided mainly shelter and food along with some Biblical counseling for residents. 

In 1956 Mr. Glenn Cuddeford bought the Mission more property and expanded it, making it a community-wide operation.

Then, in 1958, Green Tree Inn Hotel at 604 San Francisco St. became the new home of the Rescue Mission. Again, the Mission was able to expand its services.

A few years later in 1964, the Mission needed more space for residents and ministry. So they bought the Bristol Hotel next door and used it as dorms. 

As downtown El Paso developed, the city decided to relocate the Rescue Mission again and it was moved to 1949 W. Paisano Dr.

The year was 1986 and the Mission began to work to provide jobs for residents. It opened a woodworking factory called Rescue Industries.

By the early 2000's woodwork in El Paso slowed down and the Mission decided to close the factory to make way for Hallelujah! BBQ. This BBQ now provides jobs to residents of the Mission.

In 2016 the city decided to move the Rescue Mission again. This time the Mission moved back downtown off of Cotton St. at 221 N Lee St.

For the first time ever, the Mission built its dorm rooms from scratch and can now hold 193 residents at a time. The Mission now offers residents an onsite Registered Nurse, Case Workers, Chaplains, Relapse Prevention, Job Search Program, and Job Training along with their shelter.