Giving Back to your community



Because we all need a little help now and then to make ends meet. So why not lend a hand?

Serving a Meal


We serve 3  meals a day 365 days of the year. Yes, we need your help. Serving in the kitchen can be as easy as passing out plates to residents and smiling. You can also choose to be a kitchen aid and help prepare the meals before they begin. We'd also love for you bakers to provide classes to our residents who are always looking to expand their skills and share an experience. Unless you're leading a class, no cooking, baking skills, or food handlers cards are required to volunteer with us (that's why we have cooks). 

Sorting Donations


We have such a generous community who continually provide food, clothing and more to our organization and we need your help to make sure these donations get to the right place. We highly recommend this if you're planning on coming as a group. We have three areas where donations are kept. They are the donation center, basement, and pantry. The donation center houses all our clothing and furniture, the basement houses our hygiene supplies, and the pantry houses our non- perishables.

Social Activities

Game Night

Game nights are a great way to get to know people at the Mission and provide some stress relief. We highly recommend this activity for youth groups and ask that you bring a few prizes to give winners.

Movie Night

Movie nights provide a getaway for our residents after a long day. Feel free to pick your favorite family friendly move and bring it to the Mission. We'll provide the snacks and projector!

Art Class

Art classes are a proven way to provide a calm environment and still learn skills. If you'd like to teach, we'd love to have you. Please note we are very limited in supplies.

Bible Study

We are a Non-denominational Christian organization that believes in the Bible. If you'd like to teach a study, we'd like to talk with you.

Kids Activity

We have kids at our facility all the time. If you'd like to organize a VBS or festival just let us know and we can help with the minor details.

Please note

Unless your community service is for school, we will not schedule you for a social activity and credit you with hours. We're sorry for any inconvenience. 

Volunteer at the Mission!

We can't wait to see you!

Thank you for choosing to serve your community with the Rescue Mission.  Please note a few things about volunteering with us:

  • All volunteers must schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Volunteers in the kitchen must be at least 7 yo (if you have younger children they can volunteer in our donation center)
  • Volunteers 13 yo or younger must be accompanied by an adult 18+ yo
  • Scheduling for Thanksgiving at the Rescue Mission and downtown begins in September and fills up by October

Rescue Mission of El Paso

221 North Lee Street, El Paso, Texas 79901, United States



Meals are served at:

  • 6 am Breakfast (7 am Sunday)
  • 12 pm Lunch (1 pm Sunday)
  • 5 pm Dinner

Social Activities or Class are typically held in the evenings between 6 and 8 pm.

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